Zte axon 7 t mobile wifi calling.ZTE Axon 7


Zte axon 7 t mobile wifi calling


Problem #1 – Auto-rotate not working.Why don’t I see the wi-fi calling options on my Axon 7 — Z-Community


In case this ever comes up: I’ve had great luck using a T-Mobile sim in the ZTE Axon 7 Android smartphone. This phone comes unlocked for “all 4 carriers”, but in reality it works great with GSM-based carriers like T-Mobile and not so well with Sprint or Verizon. I can get Band 12 (aka “Extended LTE”) and make Wifi calls. May 13,  · T-Mobile’s expansive low-band coverage is on band n71 ( MHz), but support for n71 is not provided on this phone. I measured very good LTE coverage on T-Mobile . Mar 13,  · The ZTE Axon 7 has a lot going for it, including a beautiful design and solid build, fantastic audio capabilities, and specifications and features that are at par with all current generation.


Zte axon 7 t mobile wifi calling.ZTE Axon 7 | T-Mobile Community

Apr 06,  · ATT WiFi calling not available? esoyohoo Posts: 3. April 6, AM in Axon (A1P & Axon 7/Mini) When I upgrade my Axon 7 to , I noticed the one change is T-mobile WiFi Calling. I am using ATT but I don’t find the button to enable the ATT WiFi Calling. Apr 17,  · I don’t have GSM Coverage at my house so I’m not using Axon 7 mini quite yet. When Nougat update happens I’ll get boost mobile or T-Mobile so I can use Wi-Fi calling. Honestly my other phone is so bad that I use aps on Axon and it for phone calls when I really need too. I purchased the Axon 7 (mini) because, as far as I know, it (full size and mini both) is the only phone that can have 2 SIM cards and be enabled for Wi-Fi calling on the T-mobile network, as long as it is updated to Android (nougat). The Wi-Fi calling worked when I tried it in the USA. Then I went to the Caribbean West Indies (St. Lucia) and tried to turn on Wi-Fi calling there. It would not work.
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