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Ublock origin firefox not working


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May 20,  · One tech-savvy user on reddit mentioned that Opera’s ad blocker is generic and that it does not work with YouTube’s script, specifically the Polymer framework. That brings us to one of two workarounds for the issue. The easier way to fix the YouTube ad blocking problem on Opera is to just use an extension like uBlock Origin. Sep 01,  · In Firefox uBlock has been completely disabled. In the addons tab it says that uBlock Origin is not compatible. Strange, since only yesterday it was working %, and I didn’t update anything. On the addons website page of uBlock I read an other user has the same issue in FF The uBlock Icon disappears. I can go to the “Add-ons” page and “Disable” it, then “Enable” it and it returns. This is simpler than restarting Firefox. Something is disabling ublock on its own. Perhaps a web site or something. This is with Firefox a1 () (bit) for Windows uBlock


Ublock origin firefox not working.Firefox v66 not working with ublock origin | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

Mar 24,  · Ah, you may be on to something, as I, too, have uBlock Origin and have certain page loading problems since the Update, but a Reload or two gets ’em going. It could be the way FF is done. FF could have broken some scripts in uBlock Origin, so it didn’t have to be an uBlock Origin Update that ‘broke’ some stuff. Your Extensions. May 04,  · My firefox updated today to latest version. As soon as I opened it, my addons were declared useless by firefox. I removed them and tried re-installing, but the site firefox sometimes says, “download failed. check your connection” even when I have a very good internet and when the extension downloads, it says, “addon could not be installed, it seems to be corrupted.”. It’s like a race to outrun each other. And if you are reading this article then most probably uBlock hasn’t caught up with the latest Twitch update.. Don’t worry, in this article; I will give you some working solutions to fix uBlock not blocking Twitch ads issue until uBlock catches up with twitch. You will be able to switch between channels without the fear of a second ad.
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