Star trek timelines replicator rations.Replicator


Star trek timelines replicator rations


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Nov 01,  · For example, 5 of the purple 4* rations are worth 50% of the replication power (with SB and Collection bonuses this may vary per person) of a purple item. components are worth %. 4 days of components = 50% of a purple item in the replicator. 11 votes, 17 comments. Is anyone else getting drastically reduced replicator rations from voyages? I just finished an 8 hour voyage and I received 0. I have so many I need 1 star for to immortalise, but 9 hour voyages are only giving me 2 or 3 star crew. 1. Reply. Star Trek Timelines. k. Members. Online. Created Jun 9, Join. Replicator Ration (fuel) From Star Trek Timelines Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Dedicated fuel that can be used in the Replicator to create equipment for crew members. Crafting Table. Rarity Basic Common () Uncommon () Rare ().


Star trek timelines replicator rations.The Replicator – Star Trek Timelines

So, here’s some info on how useful they are. When replicating a 4* clothing pattern, here are some numbers. A 4* component used as fuel contributes % A 2* replicator ration contributes % A 3* component used as fuel contributes % A 1* replicator ration contributes %. Success in a . Sep 09,  · By the way the above poster was talking about 1 of those rations. 1 of those dynamic replicator rations, they seem to be calling them, is equivalent to legendary schematics. 5 of them is equal to Superrare equipment needs fuel points. Replicator rations were an energy -conservation policy instituted on the USS Voyager, limiting the usage of the ship’s replicators for each crewmember. The use of rationing for the replicator was a policy that was not consistently implemented; rather, it was done when the ship’s available power supplies were limited.
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