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May 16,  · Flickr Photo Downloader. Flickr Photo Downloader. lessmsi. Tool to view and extract contents of a Windows Installer .msi) file. flickrdown. easily download lots of images from Picasa Album Downloader. Download friends albums and photos on your PC, MAC or Linux. Import your photos and videos efficiently and reliably. Rapid Photo Downloader for Linux is written by a photographer for professional and amateur photographers. Its goal is to be the best photo and video downloader for the Linux Desktop. It is free software, released under the GNU GPL license. read more. sudo pacman -S rapid-photo-downloader. Older Releases. All releases are available on launchpad. For releases in the x series, you can download the tarball and install it by using the install script and passing the tarball as an argument to it: python3


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May 28,  · Re: Linux: Rapid Photo Downloader faster than Windows 10? The intent was never to compete with high-end solutions like yours and support advanced features like multiple downloads with this little project. The underlying API in Windows can entertain up to 64 concurrent device connections and parallel transfers. Apr 03,  · For example, Rapid Photo Downloader generates thumbnails of raw images for use in file managers, whereas your application doesn’t need to do that because Windows has a built-in system for that. Now this feature can in fact be turned off in Rapid Photo Downloader, but for most Linux users it’s a helpful feature. Apr 07,  · Rapid Photo Downloader Alternatives. Rapid Photo Downloader is described as ‘Import your photos and videos efficiently and reliably! Rapid Photo Downloader is written by a photographer for professional and amateur photographers’. There are more than 10 alternatives to Rapid Photo Downloader for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Linux.
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Antivirus: the ten most popular viruses detected by Panda Activescan in October

Panda Software releases a list of the ten most common viruses detected in October 2021 by the free online antivirus program Panda ActiveScan.

Several new, very dangerous malicious codes appeared in October. One of them, “Bugbear”, even managed to squeeze the undisputed leader of the “hit parade” over the past months, the worm Klez.I.

The reason for the dominance of the Bugbear worm, which is responsible for more than 20% of viral infections, is due to the use of “social engineering” methods and the difficulties associated with its detection by users (the infected email and the attached file contain numerous tricks). The worm also uses a hole in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to automatically start when a message is opened in the Quick View.

Second on the list is the “Klez.I “, one of the most persistent malicious codes to date, as well as Bugbear, which exploits the Microsoft Internet Explorer vulnerability to launch.

Another virus that made it into the top ten of October is the Trojan and keylogger “Trj / PSW.Bugbear “, which records all characters entered from the keyboard. It hides in dll files created by the Bugbear worm on an infected computer.

The rest of the viruses included in the viral top ten were noted at the infection level, on average, not exceeding five percent. The fourth place is taken by “Elkern.C “, the malicious code installed on the computers of its victims by the Klez worm.I. Fifth and sixth places were shared by two relatives – a species of the Opaserv worm, which, thanks to its unusual methods of spreading on the Internet, became one of the most popular viruses this year.

  • W32 / Bugbear
  • W32 / Klez.I
  • Trj / PSW.Bugbear
  • W32 / Elkern.C
  • W32 / Opaserv
  • W32 / Opaserv.E
  • W32 / Nimda
  • W32 / Magistr.B
  • W32 / Sircam
  • W32 / Klez.C

    To help users keep their computers free of viruses, Panda Software offers the free Panda ActiveScan antivirus program, which can be downloaded from http: // www.viruslab.ru.

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