Marijuana fields on google earth.Marijuana grower exposed by Google Earth


Marijuana fields on google earth


Add your photos and videos.Marijuana field spotted through Google Earth – AfterDawn


Marijuana Field in Raperswilen, Switzerland (Google Maps) Marijuana Field. Raperswilen, Switzerland (CH) The Swiss police stumbled a large marijuana plantation in Raperswilen (Switzerland) while using Google Earth. Officers discovered the hemp field in the northeastern canton (state) of Thurgau last year while investigating an alleged drug ring. Source: : Neotrix. Jul 13,  · CALIFORNIA: Venture into the virtual world of Google’s satellite imagery and one can find, throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains, what appear to be very real, very large marijuana grows. Visible to anyone with an Internet connection, the sites appear to be well-financed operations, frequently with bulldozed sites, long greenhouses and even staff. Feb 06,  · Read the full story here: Environmental sociologist Anthony Silvagg.


Marijuana fields on google earth.Marijuana Field in Raperswilen, Switzerland (Google Maps)

Oct 23,  · US police have used Google Earth satellite imagery to identify illegal rows of marijuana plants being cultivated by a drug farmer. Authorities in . Feb 06,  · Staff Google Earth, the extremely popular free satellite mapping software was used as a mapping device by Swiss authorities who announced today that they had found a large marijuana plantation while using it. Feb 06,  · Read the full story here: Environmental sociologist Anthony Silvagg.
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Marijuana grower exposed by Google Earth | Google | The Guardian
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