Fifa 16 no touch dribbling.PLAY FIFA – Quick Tipps für’s No Touch Dribbling!


Fifa 16 no touch dribbling


FIFA 16 – Gameplay Features: No Touch Dribbling with Lionel Messi Trailer.FIFA 16 Video Shows Lionel Messi and No Touch Dribbling


Sep 23,  · New to FIFA 16 – learn how to use No Touch Dribbling. Let the ball run to buy time, feint, and go past defenders. More FIFA 16 tutorials: Jul 01,  · The results of no touch dribbling in FIFA 16 will depend on timing and skill. EA Sports is getting ready to reveal more cover stars. FIFA 15 is quite hot among all around the world. According to the latest news from FIFA official site, FIFA 16 will be released soon. Now, this article is to introduce a new feature in FIFA 16, which is advanced than FIFA No Touch Dribbling is a new dribble control system applied to FIFA


Fifa 16 no touch dribbling.FIFA 21 dribbling guide – Top tips to control the ball

Sep 23,  · New to FIFA 16 – learn how to use No Touch Dribbling. Let the ball run to buy time, feint, and go past defenders. More FIFA 16 tutorials: Jun 30,  · In FIFA 16, every player on the pitch can perform the no touch dribble. However, based on the player’s dribbling rating and skill move star rating, it will be more or less effective. Meaning players like Lionel Messi or Juan Cuadrado will be able to pull off moves that other players may not. In diesem Tutorial zeigen wir, wie ihr euren Gegner in FIFA 16 im Stil von Messi ausdribbeln könnt! Autor: Christian Knoth veröffentlicht am · GMT No Touch Dribbling.
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FIFA 16 Gameplay Features: No Touch Dribbling with Lionel Messi
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CES 2021: expected 1.8-inch iVDR-hard drives with Serial ATA interface

Ten months have passed since the creation of the iVDR consortium, and those who do not remember what it is from the first time may not blame themselves for the development of sclerosis, since the concern, except for its public announcement, has not yet become famous for anything else. I’ll try to briefly remind you what this is about: in March 2021, a group of eight Japanese companies – Sanyo Electric, Canon, Fujitsu, Hitachi Manufacturing, Phoenix Technologies, Pioneer, Sharp and Victor Company of Japan (as well as FCI and Mitsumi as “associate members “) announced the creation of a new format of hard drives for multimedia applications – iVDR (Information Versatile Disk for Removable usage). The consortium currently includes 28 companies, including Maxtor and Seagate.

The iVDR standard, designed for 2.5-inch hard drives, is designed for use with PCs and other electronic devices. The specifications of the standard describe the shape of the connector, the unified interface, the disk file system, etc.d. The capacity of iVDR hard drives, according to preliminary data, will be at least 40 GB in the first versions and will grow to 200 GB – 400 GB in the next two to three years (the program document had a tendency for terabytes as well).

The dimensions of hard drives of the iVDR standard are 130 x 80 x 12.7 mm, according to the specification, iVDR disks will be equipped with a 50-pin connector with a minimum number of connections / disconnections of 10 thousand. time. Electrical specifications, command set, etc. complies with ATA standards (ATA Standard + AV Expansion + Secure Expansion), iVDR hard drives rated shock resistance – 900G.

Proprietary iVDR file system standard – File system for iVDR. The next stage in the development of a new standard, the consortium at one time outlined the use of 1.8-inch hard drives as the basis.

So, after 10 months of silence, the iVDR standard, it seems, intends to announce its existence at CES 2021, which will be held on January 9-12 in Las Vegas. It is expected that the exhibition will show prototypes of two 2.5-inch hard drives iVDR and one 1.8-inch. According to representatives of the consortium, 1.8-inch hard drives, with a media diameter of less than 80 mm, are intended for use as easily replaceable drives in devices such as audio players and navigation systems, while 2.5 -inch hard drives with a medium diameter of 130 mm – as drives for consumer electronics and PCs. By the way, for 1.8-inch hard drives it is planned to release an adapter for the form-factor of the 2.5-inch version.

A few more figures: 2.5-inch iVDR drives, which will be shown at CES, have a capacity of up to 80 GB, however, already in 2021 their capacity will be doubled. The first retail devices with iVDR support will range from $ 166 – $ 249, with the media itself under $ 90. The only unresolved problem facing the consortium today is the issue of protecting content on such media. Presumably, the final version of the standard will be adopted by March 2021.

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