Ffx-2 save editor pc.FFX-2HD Cheater


Ffx-2 save editor pc


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May 22,  · HxD (Free Hexadecimal Editor) MemorySumChecker (Converts edited save back to FFX format. Our version is pre-modded for you) Step one: Navigate to location: C:\Users\*****\Documents\SQUARE ENIX\FINAL FANTASY X&X-2 HD Remaster. Each file is named after its slot (ffx_ is the autosave). BEFORE YOU EDIT YOUR SAVE MAKE A BACKUP!Reviews: 1. Apr 09,  · I put in hrs into my PS2 version of FFX 2. And I want to pick up where I left off in my PC version as well rather than plug hundreds of hrs into a game to get %. So I can totally understand your want to just get a save for the game so you can focus on enjoying it rather than stressing over a percentage number with a ridiculous amounts of. Mar 26,  · however, I just started the X2 game and I’m unable to edit the game save, even if I only add gil. I used Checkpoint to create the save file, then transfered it by ftp (file name ffx2_main_), opened it with version of the save editor, set gill to , then I save .


Ffx-2 save editor pc.Save Editor or Cheats – Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster

But without the PS3 version of the game, you will not be using hacked saves on PS4 or Vita. I suggest looking into the PC version if you want to be able to hack your saves and don’t have a PS3. (@Mods, just in case: This is a purely single-player game, the only online functionality is cross-save, so there is no multiplayer cheating going on here.). FFX-2HD Cheater. If you are tired of all battle to gain exp/guil, you don’t like to wait to obtain all abilities/dresspheres or you prefeer the easiest way to complete . Sep 18,  · Step 2 Extract the save editor if you haven’t already, and run “” Press F2 to open Properties window, click the dropdown and choose “Celcius” Scroll down and find the option for “PsuIO”, choose “Leblanc” Step 3 Open your decrypted file. Modify what you want, items, dress spheres, abilities, levels, gil, accessories etc.
You will need:
GitHub – jimmerson17/FFX2SaveEditor: A save editor for FFX2 on Switch
Save Editor or Cheats
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FFX-2HD Cheater
New BIOS versions for AOpen motherboards

AOpen has performed a massive BIOS update for the following motherboard models: AX34 Pro, AX34 Pro II, AX3S Pro U, AX45-8X Max, AX4-B, AX4-B-533 Plus, AX4-B533 tube, AX4-BE, AX4 -BG2, AX4-B Max, AX4-B P 533, AX4-B Pro, AX4-GE-FM, AX4-GER, AX4-GE TUBE, AX4-G Pro, AX4-GR, AX4-PER, AX4-PERN , AX4-T-533- Pro, AX63, AX63 Pro, MX34, MX34-U, MX36-CE, MX36-LE-UI, MX46-U2 and AX4-B-SV.

New items are available for download at the following addresses:

  • AX34 Pro BIOS v.one.sixteen
  • AX34 Pro II BIOS v.one.fifteen
  • AX3S Pro U BIOS v.one.09
  • AX45-8X Max BIOS v.one.04
  • AX4-B BIOS v.one.sixteen
  • AX4-B-533 Plus BIOS v.one.05
  • AX4-B533 tube BIOS v.one.05
  • AX4-BE BIOS v.one.01
  • AX4-BG2 BIOS v.one.07
  • AX4-B Max BIOS v.one.07
  • AX4-B P 533 BIOS v.one.13
  • AX4-B Pro BIOS v.one.07
  • AX4-GE-FM BIOS v.one.02
  • AX4-GER BIOS v.one.07
  • AX4-GE TUBE BIOS v.one.03
  • AX4-G Pro BIOS v.one.eleven
  • AX4-GR BIOS v.one.05
  • AX4-PER BIOS v.one.06
  • AX4-PERN BIOS v.one.07
  • AX4-T-533- Pro BIOS v.one.07
  • AX63 BIOS v.one.31
  • AX63 Pro BIOS v.one.32
  • MX34 BIOS v.one.nineteen
  • MX34-U BIOS v.one.08
  • MX36-CE BIOS v.one.00
  • MX36-LE-UI BIOS v.one.08
  • MX46-U2 BIOS v.one.09
  • AX4-B-SV BIOS v.one.10

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