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از Europa Universalis 4 Wiki (تغییرمسیر از Custom ideas) The nation designer is a tool that was introduced in the El Dorado DLC, in February It allows the player to create custom nations. May 16,  · 4. 8. May 15, # Personally my favorite point custom nation is a Prussian Monarchy, Empire status, with Norse religion and ideas set up for blobbing. Then I take religious ideas at adm tech 5 – you’d be the only norse religion in the world, so DEUS VULT DEUS VULT DEUS VULT and never need another CB again. Feb 26,  · Europa Universalis IV. Better Nation Designer and unlimited points () (), removes distance and ideas/traditions cap. unlocks more governments to allow further customization.-Adds convert provinces to primary culture and religion decision that can be enacted after starting the game. AI playing as custom nations will take the.


Eu4 nation designer ideas.Nation designer – Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

Nation Designer ideas as of I noticed a while ago that certain ideas like yearly papal influence were not available in the nation designer, so i got curious and made a list of all of them as of institution spread. cavalry flanking ability. goods produced. improve relations. It depends on your nation’s position and goals, but I use a tier list: NATION DESIGNER IDEA TIER LIST. GOD TIER. M +10% Discipline. A +1 Yearly Republican Tradition. D +2 Colonists. M +2 Land Leader Shock. TIER 1. A% Core-Creation Cost. D Monthly War Exhaustion. D +20 Global Colonial Growth. D% Diplomatic Annexation Cost. M +20% Morale of Armies. M +2 Land Leader Fire. Oct 02,  · In the nation designer, you can take any province that is far away from your capital. -Max custom country limit is -Added new ideas to the nation designer. 1: “Deus vult” as a national custom idea + it gives +1% missionary strenght per level. 2: “Ship Cost reduction” idea.
The most broken 800 point Custom Nation you can create?
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