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Echo indigo sound card


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The Indigo blows away Creative in terms of sound quality. Its like comparing a Mustang to a Corola in terms of speed and acceleration. If you have a speaker system you would like to hook your laptop then Creative is the only option. I use a Headphone and I want the best sound quality, so Indigo . Back in SOS July () we reviewed Echo’s Indigo, an extremely compact PCMCIA peripheral that offered bit/96kHz audio support via a pair of mm headphone sockets. Once the card had been inserted into its Type II Cardbus slot, the only part that remained visible was a grey plastic pod just two inches high by one inch wide, and half an inch . Product description. Authorized Dealer. Indigo 24/96 Laptop Sound Card, Dual Stereo Outputs. This item ships FREE! List Price $ Finally, a portable solution for the digital DJ. Indigo DJ offers two independent stereo 1/8 inch analog outputs; one for setting up your cue mix on a pair of headphones, and the other for the house mix.5/5(1).


Echo indigo sound card.Echo – Download

From what I’ve read, Echo is a very well-respected company despite lack of notoriety. The now-discontinued Indigo IO, from what I’ve read, noticeably exceeds Sound Blaster PCMCIA cards in quality. I’m willing to bet this express card is better than Sound Blaster’s, too.3/5(4). Echo Audio’s small but perfectly formed Indigo is a Cardbus headphone output device for portable computers with a PCMCIA slot, which pretty much includes all but some sub-portables and Apple iBooks. The Indigo’s feature set is sparse, with no line input, and no digital or MIDI I/O. Summing up. While its sound quality doesn’t scale the heights of what’s on offer from high-end separates, Echo’s Indigo IO offers digital-domain performance for which you would have had to pay thousands of dollars a decade ago for just $ (I have seen it offered for as little as $ on the Internet.)Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.
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Sharp Mebius line of notebooks has been replenished with models based on Mobile Athlon XP 1400+

Sharp has expanded its Mebius family of thin notebooks with two new models – PC-FS2-C3E and PC-FS2-C3M, the main difference of which is in the used LCD matrices, respectively, 14.1 and 15 inches.

Mebius PC-FS2-C3M model of A4 form factor is based on Mobile Athlon XP 1400+ processor, equipped with 15-inch XGA (1024 x 768) LCD, 256 MB PC133 memory, 40 GB Ultra ATA / 100 hard drive, combined DVD / CD -RW drive, 10 / 100BASE-TX port, TV out, IEEE1394 and USB 2 ports.0 slot, PC Card Type II slot and so on. Model dimensions 330 x 282 x 39 mm, weight about 3.5 kg.

The characteristics of the Mebius PC-FS2-C3E model differ from the above in the presence of a 14.1-inch XGA screen, a 30 GB hard drive and a weight of 3.4 kg.

Both models with Windows XP Home Edition and Office XP Personal preinstalled will go on sale in early December, the expected price of the PC-FS2-C3M is about $ 1550, PC-FS2-C3E – about $ 1450.

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