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Audio cassette cover maker


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62 rows · A U-card is shaped like a U. The back panel covers the entire back of the cassette case. . WinAudio Recorder is an easy-to-use tool for recording all kinds of sound from sound card with high quality. It records the sound from other Windows applications with CD quality. It also supports to record sound from microphones, line-in, Cassette Tape, Video Tape and more input devices. Rainbo Records has templates you can download! I actually just downloaded these today. You can scan one of your cassettes at or dpi, edit with photoshop (without resizing the image, but cropping is okay), and then print onto sticky label paper yourself. Do .


Audio cassette cover maker.Templates – Insert tapes

Jan 15,  · Making custom cassette labels & J-cards for your cassettes! [UPDATE: New version] 4 years, 4 months ago 0. Posted in: Cassettes. I have been doing my own J-cards for some years. I started drawing a template in Macromedia Freehand (which although outdated it’s one of the best design software out there). I have done lots of different J-cards. Canva’s album cover maker helps you design awesome album covers to promote your music or audio, even without any graphic design experience. Our library of album cover layouts has been created by professional designers, making it as simple for you as a few clicks to create a high quality designs. It is merely a well-structured layout with several text fields you can fill in with fully customizable text in order to make it blend with content of the cassette. Enhance covers with custom pictures.
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Transmeta’s new Crusoe SE processors for embedded applications (add-on)

In addition to yesterday’s material on the alleged release by Transmeta of new Crusoe SE (Special Embedded) processors, we inform you: yes, indeed, the official release of new chips has taken place, and therefore I would like to make some additions and clarifications to yesterday’s material.

Crusoe SE processors are based on the TM5500 core – an economical version of the TM5400 chip, with an integrated northbridge, 128 KB L1 cache, 256 KB L2 cache, support for SDRAM / DDR SDRAM.

The chips are manufactured using the 0.13-micron process technology, are available in a 474-pin BGA package, in Standard Power (TM5500EX series) and Low Power (TM5500EL series) versions, each with clock frequencies of 667 MHz, 800 MHz and 933 MHz, however , on the company’s website 933 MHz, the version is so far only shown in the Low Power version.

According to updated data, Transmeta Crusoe SE processors can operate in the temperature range of 0 ° C – 100 ° C, in 24/7 mode.

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