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Nov 16,  · Live Pen™ 2 uses a new ink data format, called STF2. It encapsulates strokes, pen ID, and pen properties into the same format. The STF2 format also provides a way to add debug information to the STF2 data stream. It logs all stroke samples, decoding errors and pen events that occur in a sequence as they occur. Aug 18,  · Live Pen™ 2 – Troubleshooting. This document describes how troubleshooting the Live Pen™ 2 can be performed. Download. Aug 18,  · Live Pen™ 2 – Documentation. Live Pen™ 2. Live Pen™ 2 Product Data Sheet. Product data sheet for live Pen™ 2 can be downloaded from the General Product Information section here. Live Pen™ 2 Owners handbook. Download. Live Pen™ 2 .


Anoto live pen 2.Live Pen™ 2 – Icons – Anoto Support

Product description The Live Pen 2 is a ballpoint pen that records what you write, as you write. It works and feels like a traditional pen, but captures everything you write as digital data, stores it and allows you to transfer it to a computer or compatible service of your choice. That’s what it means to write live. Livescribe, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anoto Group AB, is the global leader in smartpen design and manufacturing and was the first smartpen manufacturer in the world. The company empowers customers to capture, search and share handwritten notes on the digital devices they use every day. Livescribe makes the market’s only smartpens that. Nov 16,  · Live Pen 2; Live Pen 2 Professional; Livescribe Echo; Livescribe Pulse; Livescribe Sky WiFi; penDirector provides functionality to retrieve stroke data from a digital pen and distribute to subscribing Anoto PC applications. penDirector can also be configured to store pen stroke data (from specific pattern ranges) as PGC files in a specific.
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Panda Software: a dangerous new variant of the CIH virus has appeared

Panda Software’s Virus Lab Announces CIH.1106 (W32 / CIH.1106), a virus that destroys the contents of the hard drive and prevents the infected computer from booting.

In order to carry out the infection, CIH.1106 penetrates the resident part of the system. On computers with operating systems Windows 98, Windows 95 or Millennium, in order to start, the virus searches for files with the EXE extension and writes its code to unused parts of these files. Thus, the size of the infected files does not increase, and the user does not have any suspicions. On computers running Windows 2000, NT or XP, the worm resides in the system memory and does not infect files.

Once activated, CIH.1106 performs the following actions on the second of every month:

  • The virus rewrites the file allocation table (FAT) on the hard disk, thereby destroying its contents.
  • The virus destroys the contents of the BIOS memory on computers with motherboards based on the Intel 430TX chipset, as a result of which the computers do not work or even boot.

CIH.1106 spreads in various ways: via e-mail with infected documents, over computer networks, via CD-ROMs, floppy disks, FTP, Internet downloads, etc.

CIH.1106 is a variant of the W95 / CIH virus, also known as CIH. CIH’s first appearance was recorded in 1998. It is one of the most destructive viruses ever written. Upon activation, it destroys the contents of the hard drive and overwrites the FLASH BIOS in the motherboards. According to the latest investigation, its author is a twenty-four-year-old Taiwanese student Chen Ing-Halu (he named the virus by his initials). There are many varieties of CIH, the most destructive and widespread among them is “Chernobyl”.

To avoid infection with the CIH virus.1106, Panda Software strongly recommends that users update their antivirus software. Registered Panda Software customers can download the latest updates from here.

More information on CIH.1106 contained in
The Virus Encyclopedia of Panda Software. Users who want to cure their computers online for free can use the Panda Activescan antivirus, which is also located at http: //

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